SEEE® Sustainability Literacy

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To help clients tackle the lack of Sustainability Literacy, IIL offers the following:

2-day highly interactive traditional and virtual classroom courses (with 1-day option)

5-day Sustainability Practitioner Certificate Program (with project and coaching)

Executive briefings (per client requirements)

Five 1-hour participant webinars

◦ Achieve Clarity and Commit to the Sustainability Challenge
◦ Triumph Over Risk and Uncertainty for a Sustainable Future: Develop Adaptive Foresight as a Core Competency
◦ Discover the Courage to Lead the Way Toward Sustainable Impacts
◦ Ride the Momentum of the Circular Economy for Sustainability
◦ Transform Your Full Value Chain for Sustainability


• SEEE® Consulting Services
• Strategy Development
• Scenario Planning
• Services Design
• Business Analysis
• Business Modeling
• Business Process Improvement through Six Sigma & Lean
• Change Management Consulting
• Cultural Transformation
• Portfolio Management
• Program Management
• Learning Solutions Development


Sustainability strategy development
According to Deloitte, “Sustainability is a critical business issue and has the potential to be a differentiator in an organization’s ability to manage risk, create and protect enterprise value, and drive growth and innovation.” We can facilitate your management team in the development and evaluation of Sustainability strategies.

Sustainability landscape challenges through 2050
Industry associations in each major industry vertical have developed high level profiles of sustainability challenges; e.g., by stages through 2020, 2030, 2040, and 2050. We can support your management team’s articulation of its own Sustainability challenges map through 2050.

Value chain opportunity / risk profile
The value chain is a sequence of activities that a rm operating in a specific industry performs in order to deliver a valuable product or service for the market. We can facilitate the process of assessing both your opportunities and risks in the value chain.

Supply chain opportunity / risk profile
The supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier(s) to customer(s). We can facilitate the process of assessing both your opportunities and risks in the supply chain.

Execution support for sustainability activities
Execution is everything. Without it, what good is great strategy? We can address how well an organization is working towards making its Sustainability plans a reality.

Benefits management for portfolio, programs and projects
Benefits realization is perhaps the most important aspect of strategic initiative management. At the enterprise level, we can help clients plan, organize, and manage the effective realization of the benefits of Sustainability activities.

Thought leadership
We are available for keynote presentations, consulting, or to address Boards of Directors and the senior management of organizations on a range of Sustainability topics and issues.

Learning solutions delivery
IIL enables clients to achieve learning objectives that are critical to their individual and team professional competency and performance. We deliver learning toward achieving a wide range of certifications. Increasingly we are creating and delivering learning solutions and programs that are based on our client’s own intellectual property (IP).

Year over year, IIL delivers education to over 10,000 learners in more than 100 countries, live in person, live on line, and on-demand via digital media. With over 300 real-world experienced facilitators across the globe, we empower your people to learn, experience and put into practice capability they require to be effective.

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