About Sustainability & Corporate Consciousness

Sustainability and corporate consciousness are critical to the viability and success of organizations. The world in the near term of 40 years presents a degree of uncertainty that is unprecedented in our history. Because of it, there is a new set of constraints placed in the way of organizational success.

Organizations must take a broader look into the future to understand how their enterprise will be affected, and what must be done to deliberately mitigate risks associated with these new constraints. Organizations must also realize that we can no longer view ourselves as isolated. Our economies, our need for resources, and our desire for a better way of life are affected by all communities around the world.

Going forward, the sustainability of an organization is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the planet, our communities, and our natural resources.

Our Mission

Raise awareness of the global sustainability risks and constraints we face now and in the future.

Lead and facilitate the strategic transformation of organizations to meet these challenges.

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Our Thought Leaders

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Integrated Strategic Transformation

The SEEE™ model is a framework for establishing sustainability integration that takes into account four pillars of strategic change: Social, Economic, Environmental, and Ethical. Read more 


Aligning business values with those of individual and community stakeholders


Transforming business into a profitable organization based on clear principles of sustainability


Assuming responsibility for contributing to the sustainability of the planet


Building trust with a rigorous discipline of openness, transparency and accountability